SAT Information


Attention Juniors and Seniors -
FREE prep based off your PSAT scores via Khan Academcy

Students who took the PSAT this past school year are strongly encouraged to link their score report to the Khan Academy via the College Board web site ( Students will need to input their access code which can be found in the blue box on the front page of their PSAT score report. This process will enable students to receive a FREE, customized tutorial in areas where improvement is needed and will help them to prepare for the upcoming  PSAT test in October 2016 and any future SAT tests next year. If the access code is not available please view the youtube video: How to Link Your College Board + Khan Academy accounts How to Link Your College Board + Khan Academy accounts.

The New SAT – March 2016

Daily Practice App for the New redesigned SAT

Attention Rising Juniors and Seniors

If you are interested in applying to a four-year college that requires the SAT as an admission requirement, please note that the following websites offer SAT preparation during the summer:  (free) (free)  (free)  (fee)  (fee) (fee)

If you are not sure if the four-year colleges in which you are interested require the SAT, you can either visit the colleges’ websites or for a list of SAT-optional schools.  The next SAT will be given on October 3, 2015 at Lacey Township High School.

Please register at no later than September 3, 2015. For registration purposes, the Lacey Township High School code # is: 310677.



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