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The EEO/EOP program is an academic support program that provides access to higher education for NJ residents who are motivated to attain a college degree.  Accepted students are eligible to receive a state-funded Educational Opportunity Fund Grant (EOF).  The program offers broad support services such as advising, counseling, and tutoring to help full-time students meet the challenges of college life.  Students develop intellectually, socially, culturally, and personally to earn their degree.  Students must qualify academically and financially for admission.

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Interested in attending Rowan University?

Rowan University will offer a three-year, year-round degree path for students beginning in fall of 2016.  The program will be available in multiple majors, with students taking a prescribed sequence of courses during the fall, spring and summer sessions and living on campus the entire three years, including two summers.

For more information:  Rowan three-year, year round degree