‘Meet the Counselor’ Conferences

Conferences with School Counselors

High school counselors are available to schedule three-way conferences that include the parent(s), the student and the school counselor during the school day, preferably during a time that the student has free time including study hall or lunch. Some conferences may also be scheduled before or after school.

Individual counselors set up their own appointments. Conferences are be in-person, and may include FaceTime or Skype as requested.

Throughout the school year, counselors will be meeting with your child periodically to check in.  Below is a timeline of focused meetings with each grade.

1st Semester

Freshman Conferences

The focus of the freshman conference is transitional and will include meeting their counselor,  understanding the role of the school counselor, how to get good grades, understanding the graduation requirements, the importance of getting involved, extracurricular activities, and making the most of the high school years.

Senior Conferences

The focus of the senior conference is on post-secondary placement and may include discussion on 4 year, 2 year colleges and universities, career schools, employment and/or military options. Procedural considerations for applying are explained.

Junior and Senior Student/Parent night held annually in late October/early November. 

2nd Semester

Junior Conferences

The focus of the junior conference serves to equip students and parents with specific information including tools and resources needed for preparing for the selection of post-secondary placements based on student interest and readiness.

Sophomore conferences

The focus of the sophomore conference is high school planning and goal setting, It may include information on testing, exploration of various options with course work, summer opportunities, volunteerism etc. It may also include reference to pre-college planning.

Freshmen and Sophomore Student/Parent night held annually in mid-winter. 


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