2015-2016 LTHS Strategic Plan


The Lacey Township High School Strategic plan is grounded in the ASCA National Model. The ASCA model articulates the need for comprehensive school counseling programs as a vital contributor to student success and school reform. It provides counseling standards for student success in three developmental domains—academic, career and personal/social, and provides standards of excellence and ethical standards for professional school counselors.

A strategic plan should be a vision that compels us to act and to be accountable for our actions. Lacey Township school counselors are committed to working with students to achieve their personal goals. Our accountability is based on what needs to be done to maximize the power and potential of school counselors to help students succeed and to help schools transform themselves into more personalized learning environments.

Our strategic plan articulates our accountability to transform school counseling in Lacey. We hold ourselves accountable for achieving these results:

  • Strategic plans and annual goals for school counseling.
  • Well-defined and documented school counseling programs
  • Proactive involvement by counselors in Individual Student Planning and Advisories.
  • Meaningful and substantive professional development.
  • Operational guidelines that include clearly-defined roles and responsibilities for school counselors, and policies and protocols.
  • Individual counselors planning for results.
  • Family and community engagement.

We are committed to these results because we know we can make a difference in our students’ lives. We are committed because we know we can be vital contributors to school reform and the health of our school communities. We are excited to create a body of evidence of our progress toward these results.

In the winter of 2015, members of the high school guidance and counseling department met together to identify their beliefs and values, the change statements, areas in needs of improvement, top priorities as well as celebrate their greatest strengths.  All were created in three themes: communications, human resources, and contributions.

Expected Results

The counseling program is results-based. Among the expected results, the following are noted:

  • Every student benefits
  • Every student acquires attitudes, knowledge and skills for success in work and in life.
  • Every student will be better prepared for transitions from grade to grade and to life after high school.
  • Students, teachers, and parents participate in identifying and overcoming barriers to learning.
  • High standards are always accompanied by high expectations.
  • Student needs are addressed by teams of support.
  • Results are measurable.

Beliefs and Values

Beliefs are important because they shape how we view the world and act in the world. Among the beliefs affirmed by the Lacey Township high school counselors, the following are noted:

  • All students can learn in a safe environment conducive to learning through a variety of learning methods.
  • All students have the right to an education and services needed to be productive citizens and reach their full potential.
  • All students can achieve at higher levels.
  • All students have the right to equitable assistance from student support team members for academic, career development, emotional and personal concerns, and in maintaining a balanced life.
  • The individual rights, privacy and personal needs of students and their families will be respected.

These three themes are woven into all we believe and value.


  • Guidance input is essential.
  • Guidance represents the student and parent voice.
  • Guidance uses resources to explore effective solutions.

Human Resources

  • Counselor to student ratio needs to be manageable
  • Professional development and training is critical
  • We are strong because we lend our individual strengths as well as come together as a team.


  • The Counselor role of liaison/bridge is vital to the successful running of a school.
  • The role of the guidance department must impact all aspects of school governance.
  • The guidance curriculum must be aligned to ASCA standards.

Statements of Change


  • Guidance will change the mindset to one that is empowered to collaborate and act with decision.

Human Resources

  • Guidance will consciously make data-based decisions.


  • Guidance will strive to play a larger role in school-based decisions involving academics.

Strategic Directions for 2015-2016

Areas Critical to Program Quality

  • Communications
  • Human Resources
  • Role and Contributions

Areas Critical to Organizational Effectiveness

  • Strategic & Annual Planning
  • Organizational Support
  • Information Systems/Data Access
  • Human Resources: School Counseling Leadership/Counselor Ratios

Areas Critical to Support for School Counseling

  • School Culture
  • Communications/Public Relations
  • Parent Involvement


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