Welcome to the LTHS Guidance and Counseling Department!

The Guidance and School Counseling office at Lacey Township High School extends a warm welcome to students, parents, and guardians. Guidance services are an integral part of the high school’s total educational program. Each student is an individual with unique goals, experiences, problems, abilities and resources. The department is designed to help students develop positive self-concepts, effective decision-making skills, and a sense of responsibility for their actions. Counselors work with the individual and their families, as well as with groups.   All counselors assist with academic planning, the college admissions process, vocational planning, career planning, and personal concerns.

Guidance staff-1 (1)

From Left to right: Tom Faulkner, Elyse Winkle, Kelly Brown, Barbara DeChiaro, Stephanie Cook, Leah Purpuri, Julie Ciccarone, David Rivera and Peg Rand.
Guidance Contacts:
Ms. Julie Ciccarone, Supervisor of Guidance, 609-971-2020, 2019, jciccarone@laceyschools.org
Mrs. Stephanie Cook, School Counselor, 609-971-2020, 2017, scook@laceyschools.org
Mrs. Barbara DeChiaro, School Counselor, 609-971-2020, 2013, bdechiaro@laceyschools.org
Mrs. Leah Purpuri, School Counselor, 609-971-2020, 2011, lpurpuri@laceyschools.org
Mrs. Margaret (Peg) Rand, School Counselor, 609-971-2020, 2016, mrand@laceyschools.org
Mr. David Rivera, School Counselor, 609-971-2020, 2018, drivera@laceyschools.org
Ms. Elyse Winkle, School Counselor, 609-971-2020, 2015, ewinkle@laceyschools.org
Mrs. Kelly Brown, Student Assistance Counselor, 609-971-2020, 2212, kbrown@laceyschools.org